​​"Through my life's struggle, the LORD has allowed me to know who the common enemy is. The common enemy whose mission is only to reduce us from what God intends for us. Now, knowing that we have a common enemy makes life's journey easy but only if we can stop detracting from one another. In line with what the LORD is doing in this season, the Holy Spirit led me to start the journey towards the coming together of the Body of Christ. I hereby extend an open invitation to you, come join me and my co-workers in the vineyard of the LORD to bring in the harvest for our King of Kings even in these last days. Thanks for lending yoursupport in any way possible." 





The vision of "The Face of the Church" is to stir up the Agape Love of Christ among Churches thereby mending the differences and strife within. Preparing the way for different Churches to be able to meet on the only common ground that holds together all the Churches in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South  America, and Europe. Christ is the only Bride Groom, and the Church is the only Bride, but we still act as though Christ is a polygamous Husband. We fight one another, back bite one another, hate one another as though we come from different mothers, and the only thing we end up achieving is disunity. Our KING said it well in Mark 3:25 that "if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand"

(Niv). The vision is open to all, and no one but the Holy Spirit can take credit for it. As He leads us, we shall follow to the end. We hope you can join us as the Holy Spirit leads.


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together as one Body of Christ in love!    

The vision

Our Mission is to present the Face of the Church to correspond with the Face of Christ.

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