​​Dr. Adaku Okafor (MD) is a true Physician for the LORD. She is a mother and a wife who takes delight in just serving the LORD in every capacity presented to her. Despite her Medical portfolio, her much love for the things of the LORD trumps every of her endeavors in life. This woman of God has been called into the healing ministry for the Kingdom of God's purpose, and this is an opportunity she takes seriously. When asked why she became a medical doctor, She said "to serve the under-served." The hunger to serve the under-served developed in her early years as a Registered Nurse, during which she witnessed how some patients were denied appropriate care because of their inability to pay. She is of the opinion that people should seek their healing from the Great Physician Whose specialty is dealing with the impossible cases, and also that medical doctors are only apprentices to the LORD. As a result, her approach to everything in life (not just medicine) stems from the supernatural with concentration on the holistic. Feel free to connect with her on her Facebook page by clicking below.