Lady Ujay is the Host of a Christian Television program "The Face of the Church," a mother, a wife, and a published author. The LORD has gracefully put a special anointing on her life to write books for the body of Jesus Christ. This "foolish vessel," as she fondly refers to herself is blessed with many insightful titles like: THE SPIRITUAL PHILISTINES (HOW TO BE MARRIED TO A HEATHEN); DIVERTED DESTINIES (UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT); THE LIVING WORD (THE RESTORED DOMINION, POWER & AUTHORITY IN CHRIST); POSSESSED CRUCIFIERS (YOUR SLAVEMASTER HAS BEEN PAID); IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (THE ABC's OF RESTORATION BY GRACE); I GIVE BIRTH TO MY REALITIES IN TRUTH OR LIES (CHOICES); & THE TALKING BLOOD OF THE GREAT LION. Feel free to get a copy of one of her books by pressing the button below, and you can always give her a call at: